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Lanai travel, tourism and hotel guide. Lanai boasts many historical sites, old fishing villages, and unique topographical features like the boulder-strewn Keahikawelo. In the center of the island, Lanai City features thoroughly and lovingly restored landmarks, including the lovely Lanai Playhouse and Theater and the charming Hotel Lanai, both dating from the 1920’s. A prehistoric mystery lingers in Luahiwa, where visitors will find 34 boulders featuring intriguing petroglyphs carved by ancient Hawaiians.

Lanai is served by Lanai City Airport (LNY). Lanai is served by regional airlines from Hawaii, Maui and Oahu. Visit Go Hawaii, the official Hawaii state tourism site, for more information.

Lanai abounds with opportunity for new discoveries. Here you can take your family on a thrilling 4x4 excursion into remote Keahikawelo or along the sands of Kaiolohia Bay to marvel at the rusting Liberty Ship grounded just offshore. Or spend a day peering into tide pools while keeping an eye out for spinner dolphins and humpbacks at play in the turquoise waters just beyond. Or learn an ancient art like hula or lei-making from a local resident eager to share in the island’s rich traditions.

More often than not, you will have an entire stretch of sand all to yourself. It’s no wonder Lanai is known as Hawaii’s “Most Exclusive Island.” While most visitors seem to enjoy just sitting and soaking it all in, you can also choose among popular water sports including snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, and deep-sea fishing. One of the island’s most prized attractions is glorious Hulopoe Bay, a marine conservation area prized by divers and snorkelers for its vivid tropical reef fish. Here you can spend days splashing in the warm waters, where spinner dolphins are just as likely to frolic.

The unique Lanai Visiting Artists Program allows resort guests and the island community a rare opportunity to mingle with talent from around the world. Famous musicians, writers, filmmakers and the finest culinary artists have been coming to Lanai since 1992 to participate in this program. In intimate settings at The Lodge at Koele and The Manele Bay Hotel, these visiting artists showcase their talents and share their passions with relatively small audiences. During the summer months, visiting chefs offer free cooking demonstrations. Sunday dinners are offered after each presentation. Visit Go Hawaii, the official Hawaii state tourism site.

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Travel and medical insurance is strongly recommended for all overseas travel. Medical costs in the United States are extremely high. Visiting a doctor in the United States for even simple complaints could cost several hundred dollars for the doctor's appointment, pathology tests and medication.

Travel and health insurance is strongly recommended for all overseas travel. Travellers should check with their insurer to make sure that their policy meets their needs. In particular, travellers should seek advice from their insurer on what type of circumstances and activities are the subject of exclusions in their policy.

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Always carry photocopies of valuables such as passport, tickets, driving licence and travellers' cheques which should be kept separately from the originals. In many countries, passports are a prime target of theft for illegal purposes. Your passport should always be kept in a safe place, as considerable inconvenience and disruption to travel plans may result from its theft or loss. If your passport is lost or stolen overseas, contact the nearest Embassy, High Commission or Consulate as soon as possible. Visit the Embassy section for USA foreign embassy listings.

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Travelers can check the latest health information with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia. A hotline at 877-FYI-TRIP (877-394-8747) and a web site at http://www.cdc.gov/travel/index.htm give the most recent health advisories, immunization recommendations or requirements, and advice on food and drinking water safety for regions and countries.

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