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Australia is the world’s largest island continent and has an amazing diversity of regions and wine styles that are influenced by climates ranging from cold to cool to warm. Across this huge continent, soil types vary from deep black volcanic loams to sandy soils over gravel and rich red clays over limestone, providing the foundation for wines of stunning diversity.

Australia Wine Information

Wine is produced in every State and Territory, although the Northern Territory whose climate varies from arid to tropical has just a single winery. Australia has about 60 distinct wine regions: from Margaret River in the west, to the Barossa and Clare Valleys in South Australia; to the Yarra Valley in Victoria, the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, the Granite Belt in Queensland and the State of Tasmania. The major wine producing States of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia are divided into zones.  The well known “South Eastern Australia” zone includes grape growing areas within South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. 

The Australian wine industry has a proud history of innovation. From the mid 1950s when Australian winemakers pioneered the use of pressure and temperature control to retain full flavours, to the widespread development and application of rotary fomenters in the early 1990’s, Australian winemakers have led the world in innovative winemaking practices.  In the vineyard, innovations such as night harvesting and widespread adoption of water-saving drip irrigation have resulted in better quality grapes for winemaking.

Australia now exports wine to over 100 countries from the UK and the United States to Canada, Japan and Singapore.  Australian wine is also enjoying success in continental Europe with consumers in countries like Germany and the Netherlands appreciating the quality and variety of Australian wine.
Today, wine exports from Australia are a multi-billion-dollar enterprise that continue to grow as more consumers around the world enjoy the quality and diversity of Australian wine.

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