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Belize real estate, investment and immigration information. The Government of Belize has given its assurance that any bonafide developer will encounter no problem in obtaining a license provided that the developer is prepared to carry out resonable amount of development during the term of his license.

The government of Belize is cognizant of the need to create an enabling environment which will attract investments by both local and foreign investors. Subsequently it enacted a series of legislation in the early 90's to allow for a range of incentives which will encourage and assist any feasible and genuine development activity in its ongoing search for sustainable national development.

With abundant natural resources, strategic geographic location to export markets in North, Central and South America, Belize offers excellent diversified investment potential in several areas. These include agriculture, agro-processing, horticulture, mariculture, tourism related activities and growing service industries.

Investments are particularly welcome if they result in increased production, introduce state-of the-art technology, and enhances local management skills, promote greater efficiency through competition, diversification of the economic base and facilitate access to foreign markets.

A former British colony, Belize gained independence in 1981 and offers U.S., U.K. and Canadian investors a familiar business environment where English is the official language, and the political, economic, legal and educational systems are based on familiar British models.

Non- Nationals of Belize must obtain from the Minister of Natural Resources, license to purchase or hold land in excess of half an acre (1/2) in the cities or towns or ten acres(10) outside cities or towns.

Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) is committed to offering local and foreign investors the services of a one-stop center for investment and trade activities.

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Retire in Belize

Anyone forty-five years and older from anywhere in the world can qualify for the Belize retirement program. A person who qualifies can also include his or her dependents in the program. Dependents include spouses and their children under the age of eighteen. However, it can include a person under the age of twenty-three if enrolled in a university.

To be designated a Qualified retired person under the program, applicants must receive a monthly income of not less than US $2,000 through an approved pension or annuity that has been generated outside of Belize.

A Qualified Retired Person shall be exempt from the payment of all taxes and levies on all income or receipts which accrue to him or her from a source outside of Belize whether that income is generated from work performed or from an investment.

All applications are subject to a background check to be carried out by the Ministry of National Security.

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