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Compare Molokai vacation packages, hotels and cruise deals. Molokai is truly a natural playground where you are free to walk, run, hike, kayak, swim, or bike your way through an unforgettable vacation. Among Molokai’s biggest attractions are the world’s tallest sea cliffs, plunging an astounding 3,000 feet to meet the crashing surf. This awesome coast is a must-see, and there are several ways to experience it. You might charter a sightseeing boat, hike, bike, horseback ride, or take a thrilling mule train trip down the very face of the cliffs.

Molokai is served by Molokai Airport (MKK). Airlines serving Molokai include Hawaiian Airlines and regional air carriers. Visit the Airports & Airlines section for more information.

Kids love Molokai! And why wouldn’t they – they’re free to run wild over miles of open wilderness, explore tide pools teeming with exotic sea creatures, comb untracked beaches for treasures carried in by the sea, or learn to rope cattle with a real island ranch hand. And for junior astronomers, a trip to Molokai is truly an eye-opening experience – cloudless nights open to a brilliant blanket of stars unmarred by the glow of city lights.

Golfing on Molokai is as unassuming as you might expect it to be. At the lovely Ironwood Hills Golf Course, there are no tee times. No golf pros. Not even a clubhouse. Talk about a relaxing round!

Molokai residents show a deep regard for tradition and take great care to preserve the island’s unique cultural heritage. Here, it often seems as if the past and the present exist simultaneously. One of the island’s most popular cultural attractions is the Kalokoeli Fishpond, where ancient Hawaiians once practiced a remarkably sophisticated form of aquaculture. As many as 60 of these fish ponds once operated along the southern shore, and most of them were constructed at least 700 years ago. Another must-see is the Iliiliopae Heiau, one of the largest ancient temple platforms in all of Hawaii. Set deep within a thriving forest, this historic site offers a palpable sense of wonder and spirituality. Visit Go Hawaii, the official Hawaii state tourism site.

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Travel and health insurance is strongly recommended for all overseas travel. Travellers should check with their insurer to make sure that their policy meets their needs. In particular, travellers should seek advice from their insurer on what type of circumstances and activities are the subject of exclusions in their policy.

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