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It is widely acknowledged that New Zealand has some of the most ‘investor friendly’ property tax laws in the world. The government taxation system does not impose acquisition costs such as the stamp duty that Australian Real Estate Investors are subject to, nor does the New Zealand Government tax any capital increase or gain provided through property.

Rents, property and utilities are also very competitive on a global basis with property costs in particular being amongst the most competitive in the Pacific Rim. Normal rental periods are for three years though these are negotiable. Developers are highly skilled in meeting the individual requirements of a wide range of commercial and industrial tenants and are open to both design-build-operate and pure turnkey situation.

Telecommunications, road, rail, sea and energy infrastructure is sophisticated and robust. International and domestic air links are excellent overcoming many of the perceived issues relating to New Zealand’s geographical distance from world markets.

The major incentive remains an open, deregulated economy that is stable, competitive, transparent and low cost.

New Zealand provides a positive operating environment where international investors and businesses can develop and tap into forward-thinking ideas, creative intellect and high-value specialization.

New Zealand welcomes and encourages foreign investment without discrimination. The Overseas Investment Commission (OIC) must give consent to foreign investments that would control 25% of more of businesses or property worth more than NZ$50 million, although the government has proposed raising that threshold to NZ$100 million. Restrictions and approval requirements also apply to certain investments in land and in the commercial fishing industry. OIC consent is based on a national interest determination. While no performance requirements are currently attached to foreign direct investment after consent is given, the government has proposed requiring foreign buyers of land to report periodically on their compliance with the terms of the consent. Full remittance of profits and capital is permitted through normal banking channels.

Some of the important features of the New Zealand tax system and policy environment are:

• No capital gains tax
• No employee payroll tax
• No social security tax


• 33 per cent on income above NZD38K (USD19.3K) per annum
• 39 per cent on that portion of annual income in excess of NZD60K (USD30.5K) per annum

Visit New Zealand's national economic development agency web site or Visit the Official New Zealand Immigration web site for more information about investing in New Zealand.